How To Make Turkish Coffee in Coffeepot

You need traditional Turkish coffeepot to make your delicious Turkish Coffee with this technique. 

Items you need:

  1. Traditional Turkish Coffeepot
  2. Traditional Turkish coffee cup (espresso cup can also be used but not recommended)
  3. Owen (either gas or electric)

Ingredients you need:

  1. Finely ground roasted Turkish Coffee (7-8 grams, 1 full table spoon)
  2. Cold water (55-60 grams, depends on your coffee cup size. But tradional Turkish Coffee cups are having this much of water)
  3. Sugar (if required)
    • 1/2 tea spoon for “less sugar  Turkish Coffee” (in Turkey you may say “az sekherli”)
    • 1 tea spoon for “medium sugar Turkish Coffee” (in Turkey you may say “orta sekherli”)
    • 1 and 1/2  tea spoon for “sugar Turkish Coffee” (in Turkey you may say “sekherli”)
    • 2  tea spoon for “more sugar Turkish Coffee” (in Turkey you may say “chock sekherli”)

In this method, you need a Turkish Coffeepot which is called “cezve” in Turkish. Although you can use a steel coffeepot, it is highly recommended to use a traditional one made of copper and covered with tin.  Place the ground coffee and sugar if you desire in to the pot. You may increase the quantity of ground coffee if you prefer stronger or you may decrease the quantity if you prefer lighter one. Measure the water with the help of the coffee cup and pour it to the pot. Room temperature water can be used as well but for the best result, cold water shall be used. Slightly mix the ingredients with a tea spoon before putting them to the oven.  Put the pot to the oven. The most important part here is to heat the coffee very slowly. To do this choice the smallest cell of your oven with the minimum rating.

Good Turkish Coffee is the one which cooks slowly. After some time the foam layer shall be formed on top of the coffeepot. Take the coffeepot off the heat and gently take the foam with a tea spoon and pour the foam to the coffee cup. To do this easily, hold the pot with one hand and hold the tea spoon in other hand. Then put the pot on heat, wait until it boils. Immediately after boiling, take the coffeepot off the heat and pour it to the coffee cup. Your coffee is ready to serve along with cold water. Wait around one minute before drinking to let the ground coffee to settle down. Please see our guide for serving the Turkish Coffee and tips for making perfect Turkish Coffee. Bon appetit!

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