How to Make Turkish Coffee in Coffee Machine

Using a Turkish Coffee machine is very simple. Basic principles are almost same and procedures are easy to follow. There are basically three different types of Turkish machines. 

1st one is actually a cezve (coffee pot) that has self-heating capabilities. It has two components, one base and one body. All you need to put coffee inside the body of the machine together with water and  if desired, sugar.  open the button of the coffee machine. Usually this type is not full automatic so just follow the machine until it reach boiling. As soon as it boils, remove the body of the machine from base and pour the foam to a fincan (cup). Than put the body back to base and let the coffee boils once more. Again, as soon as it boils, remove the body and pour the remaining coffee to the fincan slowly. 

2nd type of machines are working with the same principle but it simplifies the process.  In this type all you need to put  Turkish Coffee, sugar if desired and water.  The coffee machine heats the pot in a way that it eliminates taking the foam and boiling again. When the process finishes, you can just pour the coffee to the fincan (cup). You will have the foam readily on top of the Turkish coffee. This option is easier and fail proof than the first option. The examples are Arçelik K3190P Telve which has separate tank for water so that you do not need to add water each time, and K3220 Mini Telve. İy you want different colors, you may see K3190P Lal Telve and K3220 Lal Mini Telve. 

3rd option is a new concept among others. In this option, you need to put Turkish Coffee, sugar if desired and water (to water tank). Where as coffee is cooked in pot attached to body in 1st and 2nd options, this revolutionary machine cooks the coffee in a special container and pass the Turkish Coffee to fincan (cup) which is located below the tap of the machine. Also the machine cleans itself after each cook. There is only one example of this type of machines which is Arzum Okka. 

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