The traditional way of Making Turkish Coffee (in the barbeque)

This technique is the oldest version of Turkish coffee cooking techniques which was invented decades ago. Instead of using a common heat source, Turkish Coffee cooked in a Turkish Coffee cup on a barbecue. The most important fact is barbeque should be either coal barbecue or wood barbeque. Wood barbecue is a much better alternative since is burns slowly and produces relatively less heat at a time. After adding coffee, water and sugar (if desired) and you can use Turkish coffee pot directly on fire or you may put it on top of ashes.  Or better, you may put some sand near the fire and keep it well heated and put the Turkish Coffee cup on to the heated sand. Using sand may increase the cooking duration but keep in mind that slow cooking is the trick of Turkish coffee cooking. You may use a Turkish coffee cup instead of a pot but be sure to take some precautions as described in Turkish coffee in Turkish coffee cup technique. Since this technique requires a barbecue, it is not very common but the taste is tremendous. If you have barbecue, at the end of the meal, you may try this lovely technique. 

Also o new product by Arzum can simulate the cooking in barbecue effect in its new machine “Okka”.  

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