Making Turkish Coffee in Turkish Coffee Cup

This is a very uncommon method yet has very effective and tasteful results. Coffee will stay hot for a longer period and formation of the foam is %100 guaranteed. Most of  the people in Turkey either never heard of this technique or they do not know how to make it. Main concept is to cook Turkish coffee in the Turkish coffee cup without a Turkish coffee pot (cezve). Basically mix Turkish coffee, water and sugar (if desired) is added to the cup and let it sit on a heat source which can be either electrical or gas oven. If it is a gas oven, one may need to use an isolator like a pan to eliminate the effect of the flame on the cup. If it is an electrical oven one can put the cups on top of the oven without need of a pan. As a common fact, Turkish coffee reveals its taste if its cook slowly so please use the minimum heat rating of your oven with this technique.  The cup used in this technique shall be cured in an oven during its fabrication. There is no indication that a cup is cured in an oven or not so the only thing one may do is the trial and error method. One cup can used as a tester. If it fails in the first cook, than one may try a different cup and keep up trying until it won’t fail.

Precautions needs to be taken during cooking Turkish coffee in a Turkish coffee cup method are;

1- Cup will be heated too much which may damage hands during taking off the oven. Using an isolator like paper towel or similar item will prevent this unwanted situation.

2- It is better to keep the coffee for a few minutes before drinking so that burning tongues shall be prevented. Also this will give enough time for settling of Turkish coffee particles to the bottom of the cup. This will ensure perfect taste without destruction of the tongue.

3- Inform guests prior to serving so that they will protect their tongues and fingers.

You may also twist this technique by putting your Turkish coffee cup in a heated sand as described in barbecue cooking of Turkish coffee technique.

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