How To Make Turkish Coffee

How to Make Turkish Coffee in 4 Different Ways Like a Barista Champion

If you want to make the best Turkish coffee in your house, for your guest, please be sure to check our guides for making Turkish coffee and also be sure to read well “the tips and tricks” section even if you are familiar with it. 

Making Turkish coffee is an easy process with simple steps and requires minimum equipment. Following simple steps and tricks will lead the most delicious Turkish Coffee experience.

There are mainly 4 modern and traditional techniques to make Turkish Coffee. All have different characteristics, but almost have the same perfect taste. 

1- Making Turkish Coffee in Coffeepot. This is the most common way of making Turkish coffee

2- Making Turkish Coffee in Coffee machine, which is the new trendy way of making Turkish coffee nowadays. The taste is as good as other styles, moreover; this option is almost fail proof since a lot of engineering done for this purpose.

3- The traditional way of Making Turkish Coffee (in the barbecue), which has been used from the time when Turkish coffee is invented.

4- Making Turkish Coffee in Turkish Coffee Cup. This method is rare and little bit difficult but has some positive effects on the time of cooling. 

All the methods listed here are the most effective and easy way of making Turkish Coffee and enjoying it. If you follow the guides, and make sure you get read the tips and tricks section, you can cook the most delicious Turkish coffee, which will relax you and give a good relishing moment for the rest of the day.

1- How To Make Turkish Coffee in Coffee Pot (cezve)

You need traditional Turkish coffee pot called cezve, a small long handled pot,  to make your delicious Turkish Coffee with this technique. 

Items you need:

  • Traditional Turkish Coffeepot
  • Traditional Turkish coffee cup (espresso cup can also be used but not recommended)
  • Owen (either gas or electric)
Ingredients you need:

  • Finely ground roasted Turkish Coffee (7-8 grams, 1 full table spoon)
  • Cold water (55-60 grams, depends on your coffee cup size. But tradional Turkish Coffee cups are having this much of water)
  • Sugar (if required)

1/2 tea spoon for “less sugar  Turkish Coffee” (in Turkey you may say “az sekherli”)
1 tea spoon for “medium sugar Turkish Coffee” (in Turkey you may say “orta sekherli”)
1 and 1/2  tea spoon for “sugar Turkish Coffee” (in Turkey you may say “sekherli”)
2  tea spoon for “more sugar Turkish Coffee” (in Turkey you may say “chock sekherli”)

In this method, you need a copper cezve, although you can use a steel one, it is highly recommended to use a traditional one made of copper and covered with tin.  Place the ground coffee and sugar if you desire in to the pot. You may increase the quantity of ground coffee if you prefer stronger or you may decrease the quantity if you prefer lighter one. Measure the water with the help of the coffee cup and pour it to the pot. Room temperature water can be used as well but for the best result, cold water shall be used. Slightly mix the ingredients with a tea spoon before putting them to the oven.  Put the pot to the oven. The most important part here is to heat the coffee very slowly. To do this choice the smallest cell of your oven with the minimum rating.

Good Turkish Coffee is the one which cooks slowly. After some time the foam layer shall be formed on top of the coffeepot. Take the coffeepot off the heat and gently take the foam with a tea spoon and pour the foam to the coffee cup. To do this easily, hold the pot with one hand and hold the tea spoon in other hand. Then put the pot on heat, wait until it boils. Immediately after boiling, take the coffeepot off the heat and pour it to the coffee cup. Your coffee is ready to serve along with cold water. Wait around one minute before drinking to let the ground coffee to settle down. Please see our guide for serving the Turkish Coffee and tips for making perfect Turkish Coffee. Bon appetit!

2- How to Make Turkish Coffee With Coffee Machine

Using a Turkish Coffee machine is very simple. Basic principles are almost same and procedures are easy to follow. There are basically three different types of Turkish machines. 

1st one is actually a cezve (coffee pot) that has self-heating capabilities. It has two components, one base and one body. All you need to put coffee inside the body of the machine together with water and  if desired, sugar.  open the button of the coffee machine. Usually this type is not full automatic so just follow the machine until it reach boiling. As soon as it boils, remove the body of the machine from base and pour the foam to a fincan (cup). Than put the body back to base and let the coffee boils once more. Again, as soon as it boils, remove the body and pour the remaining coffee to the fincan slowly. 

2nd type of machines are working with the same principle but it simplifies the process.  In this type all you need to put  Turkish Coffee, sugar if desired and water.  The coffee machine heats the pot in a way that it eliminates taking the foam and boiling again. When the process finishes, you can just pour the coffee to the fincan (cup). You will have the foam readily on top of the Turkish coffee. This option is easier and fail proof than the first option. The examples are Arçelik K3190P Telve which has separate tank for water so that you do not need to add water each time, and K3220 Mini Telve. If you want different colors, you may see K3190P Lal Telve and K3220 Lal Mini Telve. 

3rd option is a new concept among others. In this option, you need to put Turkish Coffee, sugar if desired and water (to water tank). Where as coffee is cooked in pot attached to body in 1st and 2nd options, this revolutionary machine cooks the coffee in a special container and pass the Turkish Coffee to fincan (cup) which is located below the tap of the machine. Also the machine cleans itself after each cook. There is only one example of this type of machines which is Arzum Okka. 

3- How to Make Turkish Coffee in a Traditional Way (In The Barbecue)

This technique is the oldest version of Turkish coffee cooking techniques which was invented decades ago. Instead of using a common heat source, Turkish Coffee cooked in a Turkish Coffee cup on a barbecue. The most important fact is barbeque should be either coal barbecue or wood barbeque. Wood barbecue is a much better alternative since is burns slowly and produces relatively less heat at a time. After adding coffee, water and sugar (if desired) and you can use Turkish coffee pot directly on fire or you may put it on top of ashes.  Or better, you may put some sand near the fire and keep it well heated and put the Turkish Coffee cup on to the heated sand. Using sand may increase the cooking duration but keep in mind that slow cooking is the trick of Turkish coffee cooking. You may use a Turkish coffee cup instead of a pot but be sure to take some precautions as described in Turkish coffee in Turkish coffee cup technique. Since this technique requires a barbecue, it is not very common but the taste is tremendous. If you have barbecue, at the end of the meal, you may try this lovely technique. 

Also o new product by Arzum can simulate the cooking in barbecue effect in its new machine “Okka”.  

4- How to make Turkish Coffee In Turkish Coffee Cup

This is a very uncommon method yet has very effective and tasteful results. Coffee will stay hot for a longer period and formation of the foam is %100 guaranteed. Most of  the people in Turkey either never heard of this technique or they do not know how to make it. Main concept is to cook Turkish coffee in the Turkish coffee cup without a Turkish coffee pot (cezve). Basically mix Turkish coffee, water and sugar (if desired) is added to the cup and let it sit on a heat source which can be either electrical or gas oven. If it is a gas oven, one may need to use an isolator like a pan to eliminate the effect of the flame on the cup. If it is an electrical oven one can put the cups on top of the oven without need of a pan. As a common fact, Turkish coffee reveals its taste if its cook slowly so please use the minimum heat rating of your oven with this technique.  The cup used in this technique shall be cured in an oven during its fabrication. There is no indication that a cup is cured in an oven or not so the only thing one may do is the trial and error method. One cup can used as a tester. If it fails in the first cook, than one may try a different cup and keep up trying until it won’t fail.

Precautions needs to be taken during cooking Turkish coffee in a Turkish coffee cup method are;

  1. Cup will be heated too much which may damage hands during taking off the oven. Using an isolator like paper towel or similar item will prevent this unwanted situation.
  2. It is better to keep the coffee for a few minutes before drinking so that burning tongues shall be prevented. Also this will give enough time for settling of Turkish coffee particles to the bottom of the cup. This will ensure perfect taste without destruction of the tongue.
  3. Inform guests prior to serving so that they will protect their tongues and fingers.

You may also twist this technique by putting your Turkish coffee cup in a heated sand as described in barbecue cooking of Turkish coffee technique.

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